Our School

Patha Bhavan was founded on June 28, 1965 - by the Patha Bhavan Society comprising of eleven eminent teachers with a vision - at 103 A & C, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata - 700019, in rented premises. A number of illustrious personalities like Prof. Sushobhan Sarkar, Dr. Amiya Bose, Justice Tarun Kumar Bose and the film maestro Satyajit Ray were associated with the institution during its formative years.


Patha Bhavan gained a name for itself as a centre for experimental learning - inspired by the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore - adapting the way it was successfully implemented in Shantiniketan.


The school started with classes from nursery to class - VII in the same premises in the year 1968. From the beginning it was a coeducational institution, privately run under the governance of the Society - known as “PATHA BHAVAN SOCIETY”.


In 1968 when the number of students increased to an extent that it was difficult to accommodate all of them in the existing premises at 103 A & C, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata - 700019, the primary section was shifted out to 13/1, Palm Avenue, Kolkata - 700019. Similarly when the Primary Section expanded, the founders thought that a Montessori environment was ideal at the pre primary level and a Montessori Section was set up at 5/1, Swinhoe Street, Kolkata - 700019 in 1976.


Co-curricular activities have continued to be of prime importance in Patha Bhavan. These have not only brought out the talents and creativity of the students, but also turned the school into a fun place for them to be in. Most of them would rather be in school than at home even on holidays. Rehearsals for the brilliantly produced programmes by the students and preparations for arts and crafts exhibitions or science fairs give them the opportunity to showcase their talents and spend quality time in school. Ex-students of Patha Bhavan who have gained eminence in academics, the corporate world, art, literature, music, dance, photography and other fields, provide ample proof of the holistic education that the institution imparts.


Patha Bhavan never believed in the system of examination as a method of evaluation or assessment. That is why there is no examination here till class - IV and a process of continuous assessment has always been followed. Equal importance is given to the mother tongue [Bengali] and English. Even in higher classes detention is discouraged and teachers go all out to help slow learners. Also, there is no admission test for a child to go to the high school in class - V. The teachers have always maintained a close rapport with the guardians so that school can be a comfort zone for every child.


In this regard it must also be mentioned that the school has created an opportunity for the children with special needs. The school admits them and gives them a chance to grow up and study along with the other children.